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Flossy Roxx & Syren The Step Van

About Us

Hi I’m Flossy, I’ve been living in a van since 2018, the year I moved to Canada.

My first van was a 1977 GMC Vandura, which I lived in for 3.5 years. I’m currently living in and building out my new home on wheels, a 1999 Utilimaster Ford e350.

I’m a quirky and creative queer with a love for DIY, nature and the magic of underwater life and freediving. I love being creative in whatever way has taken my fancy at the time and sharing the joy and magic of the beauty I see around me.

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“Fellowship of the Sea” short film

Topic: Fellowship of the Sea

Time: JUNE 8th, 2023 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

A  short documentary film following a group of folks living on a small island whose love of cold ocean water swimming has created a deep bond.

Filmed over a year from World Ocean 2021 to 2022, through the ecological effects of climate change. We follow the story of the Seals and their special relationships with the ocean on their 20th anniversary of ocean swimming.

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flossyroxx at gmail dot com

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